At Arbworks uk, We offer a variety of different types of fencing, some of these options are listed below. If there is a specific type of fence you are seeking, please do not hesitate to contact our team and we will do our best to help. Fencing is one of our main daily tasks, our team have many years experience working with fencing on domestic and commercial properties.. Completing each job to a very high standard.

We are CITB registered and accredited by the CSCS Scheme and all members of our team carry their CSCS cards at all times, to give you peace of mind about who you’re letting onto your premises


Types of Fencing

Close Board Fencing

Closeboard wooden fencing, sometimes referred to as feather edge fencing due to the shape of the wood when overlaid, is a popular choice for garden fencing, as well as in other suburban settings. Sturdy and robust, closeboard fencing will withstand the elements better than other timber alternatives

Post and Panel Fencing

Post and panel fencing is the go-to option for garden perimeters. It’s perfect for privacy while offering enough of an obstacle to discourage trespassers. Timber construction ensures that your garden remains a pleasant place to spend time.


We can customise any size gate to ensure your property is safe and secure, and to allow easy exterior access around your property.

Security Fencing

This is usually found around the permitter of buildings, yards and construction sites to ensure maximum safety and security.

Vertical Bar Fencing

Vertical Bar Fencing is a versatile fencing system created to deliver a robust physical barrier for a wide range of low/medium security applications including education facilities, commercial premises, public spaces and residential settings. Vertical Bar is a well-established, timeless fencing design that offers a highly secure and aesthetically pleasing look.

Stock Fencing

Usually found on agricultural land it is a heavy-grade, galvanised steel fencing mesh designed for enclosing livestock, helping to ensure maximum safety.

Post and Rail Fencing

Mark the boundaries of your land and keep livestock penned in with post and rail fencing, all without spoiling the scenery or impeding access. with a wide range of heights and thicknesses available, post and rail fencing is easy to install and maintain.


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